Storm Coming Over HillThat feeling of dread creeps over you. The feeling that something is wrong or will be wrong even though everything seems fine.

What starts out as a simple problem can be magnified through the ‘what ifs’. It’s like the change from a sunny day to a stormy one. It starts off as a beautiful day, but then the clouds multiply and suddenly the day is no longer as nice as it seemed.

Constantly being nervous about things can take away from the enjoyment of an event. If you’re constantly worried about dying, you’ll be focusing on looking out for danger and all your energy will go towards that rather than breathing in every moment of your experience of life which you only have one shot at.

Continuation and magnification of nervousness has an element of choice. There will always be bad things happening in the world but that doesn’t mean you need to be constantly afraid of them.

Enjoy life, don’t let nervousness stop you doing the things in life that you enjoy.


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