The Battle of Pozières

On Saturday (23rd of July) the Battle of Pozières Centenary Service was held at the Australian 1st Division Memorial. As a result I’m going to share about the events which happened there 100 years ago.
The Battle of Pozières began on the 23rd of July 1916 and ended on the 7th of August. It involved the 1st, 2nd and 4th Australian Divisions which combined suffered 23, 000 casualties. It was fought in the village of Pozières in order to capture the town and defensive ridgeline. Charles Bean wrote that Pozières “is more densely sown with  Australian sacrifice than any other place on earth.”

The 1st Division was the first to capture the village and they fought off German attacks for four days resulting in 5, 285 casualties. 

The 2nd Division relieved them and stayed fighting for ten days with 6, 848 casualties. They performed two attacks one which wasn’t successful and the other which succeeded in capturing some ground from the Germans.

The 4th Division was the last division to protect Pozières and withstood the final German attack which sought to reclaim the village.

Despite the heavy casualties the Battle of Pozières has generally been seen as a success and every year thousands of people visit to pay their respects to those who served and died fighting in Pozières. 


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