The Olympics

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It’s that time again. The time where across the world millions of people are drawn to TV screens (or if you’re extremely lucky, stadiums) to watch one of the biggest sporting events in the world which occurs once every four years. If you have somehow missed it and the title of my post, the 2016 Summer Olympics are taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is a time where millions around the world are drawn to their TV. Even those who wouldn’t normally watch sport see individuals from their country compete and hopefully win gold. It’s a time where nationalism comes out from the dark corners it often hides in and entire roomfuls of people, who at any other time would have nothing in common, watch with bated breath as the team which unites them tries to defeat their opponents whether by throwing, catching, hitting or pushing their bodies to the limit.

It’s a time where mankind’s potential for achieving incredible feats is clearly seen as day after day world records are beaten. We hear stories of friendship across disciplines, countries and backgrounds.

But it’s also a time where the worst in people can come out. Where poor choices are made by athletes and supporters alike. And in this day, everyone hears about them, it’s not something which can usually happen in secret.

The Olympics are an incredible opportunity for millions of people to connect around an event which has something for virtually everyone. There are some cases where we hear about the negatives of the events, but like everything else which happens, there are negatives which occur despite the brilliance of everything else which occurs. But the brilliance of the event can’t be denied.

I hope everyone who is involved in the Olympics whether at home or overseas works at doing their best and in their enthusiasm remembers that everyone else is a human just like them even if they disagree over who should win.


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