Making Choices


If I ever said making choices was easy, I apologise. I was wrong. I probably said it in the days of my childhood when all choices seemed black and white. But choices are rarely like that. They are shades of grey.

Sometimes a choice is extremely black, so you go for the one which is white. Or if the choices are both bad, you go for the one which is greyer. But what if neither choice is bad. Then what do you do?

Unlike normal I currently don’t have an answer for you. No ‘wise thoughts’ just a babbling of my own thoughts as they spill out from my brain, to my fingers, to the keys and onto the page in front of me.

I believe that there are some absolute rights and some absolute wrongs which dictate my choices. But increasingly there is grey. Choices which have a little bit of wrong but a whole lot of white.

And sometimes we just have to make snap decisions. We might look back and call ourselves foolish but then remember the good which came out of a bad decision.

So when there’s no choice that is good and no choice that is bad. You just have to make one and live with the consequences. And then in 20 years you’ll probably wonder why you made such a big deal over such a little thing.


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