Hearing Birds . . . and Other Little Sounds



As I sit writing this I can hear people talking but there is a sound which is louder than this, I hear the voices of birds coming to my ears in all directions. It’s a beautiful day and it seems like the birds agree, unable to keep quiet about the sunshine and clear skies.  There seem to only be few birds and I know that they are much smaller than people, yet today they are making the loudest sound.

I have no idea what kind of bird they are, I can just hear their voices. Perhaps if I took time, I could learn, but that is unlikely to happen in the near future. There’s so much I could learn but so little time to do it. I could try and learn everything there is to know about the world, but if I ever found the time to learn it all, I’m 90% sure (or is it 95% . . .?) I would have forgotten more than half of it.

One thing I’ve been working on is remembering that I’ll never know everything and that’s okay. I can still appreciate things even if I don’t know why they work or how they were made. I might be unable to sing like a bird or not know why a duck’s quack won’t echo but I can still be awed by the loudness of their sounds.

My ears to some extent have become accustomed to tuning out background noise. Yes, it does serve a purpose, helping me concentrate, but there are times where it is a ton of fun to just simply sit and listen. I have a favourite spot to write and normally I would just head into my own little writing world, but one day I stopped for a moment and listened. Really listened. There was so much noise that I usually would have simply ignored.

As hard as it can be to stop and listen, there is something beautiful about listening to the sounds of everyday life. And different sounds are beautiful to different people. For some the bustle of the city is their favourite sound, others it’s the wind blowing through the trees and still others the sounds of waves and wind at the beach. Taking a moment each day to hear the sounds of things which you have no knowledge of and that you can’t control can help you see how big the world is and how incredible it is to be alive.


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