Is the Past Important?


Well it depends on who you talk to. But as I’m talking, yes it is. However when thinking about the importance of the past, balance is necessary. There is a continuum of valuing the past and usually people swing to the extremes. But I think it’s worth considering if the past is important and whether it influences us today.

I suppose option one is to completely ignore the past. I’ve met a few people who’ve sort of done this and they seem to have survived okay. I don’t really get why you’d want to do it as we can learn so much from the past and it’s impacted upon our present so much.

A second option, the other extreme is to live wholly in the past. But this forgets all the benefits which the past has given to the present. Technology and medicine has advanced so much in the last few decades, yet it is often just taken for granted.

And the final option I’m talking about is to live with a balance of both. Loving the past but living in the present. For me this involves learning lots about the past in a variety of ways, from books to films to documentaries and websites. Not all of it is applicable to me and my life today, but there are days when I think that the world really hasn’t changed. The same issues have been around for thousands of years.

So is the past important? I’d say yes. But we can’t get caught up in it, only learn from it,  because the present is where we are now. Finding a balance between living life remembering the past, present and future is a challenge, but they all shape you so why not spend some time thinking about why they’re all important.



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