A photo by Colton  Brown. unsplash.com/photos/aQoOdWdYpis

I saw this word recently and the size of it struck me. Too often it’s just used flippantly, “oh, everything”, but it describes a huge thing.

But it’s about ‘every’ ‘thing’ not just one thing. We’re talking here about a word which can be used to describe all that exists. Every star, planet and moon. Every plant, animal and human. Every grain of sand, every speck of dust and every atom.

It’s a word so enormous it’s hard to think about, so it’s just used to mean something really big. But in this really big thing we are talking about little things too. It’s kind of nice to know that the little things are included amongst the big things isn’t it?

All to often the big things of life are seen as the ‘everything’ but the whole definition of everything means that the little things are included too. All the big things might be going bad but that doesn’t mean that the little things can’t be going well. Or when everything is going good it doesn’t mean that there aren’t problems there too.

So in thinking about everything, remember that it’s pretty big. And just because everything seems so be going wrong if you look for it I’m sure that some thing is going okayish even if it’s just the fact that you saw a flower growing this morning. So think about the little things and about the big things. Together they make up everything in your life. When you take away part of it, that means it’s not really everything no matter how close it may seem.



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