Nothing and Something


Nothing . . . how hard it is to actually do that.  How often are we responsive with the word “nothing” when we really mean “something”?

It’s hard to think about nothing. I know, I’ve tried. Although apparently it’s like a muscle, if I keep practising, it’ll get stronger . . . There. I’ve done it. Gone off on a tangent showing how hard it is for me to do nothing.

And whilst there are times when I do need to stop and rest and do nothing, the somethings of life are important too. The nothings in my life seemingly exist purely because I am waiting for something.

If there was something important about nothing, surely it would be easier. Instead, isn’t  our desire for something a sign that as created beings we need something to fill our days? They shouldn’t just consist of nothing.

Our days are filled with a million things,  nothingness slowly being emptied out. And that’s good. Is art a blank canvas? No! Art is a canvas filled with colour or even just a few spots which stand out against the blankness.

Life is more than nothing. It might begin as nothing, but it is quickly filled up with somethings making the world a better place. Whilst there can be things said in favour of nothing, most of my periods of nothingness happen whilst waiting for the next something.

So stop and think about nothing, but remember the somethings which help make life, well, life.


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