Black, White and Grey


Are there absolutes in this world? Can actions be seen in black and white or is everything merely shades of grey? Does truth blur through time or does it remain clear? Is what is right for me right for you as well? I’ve started learning a little about some different worldviews, the lens which people see the world through, and I’ve agreed with parts of them and disagreed with other parts. Yet different worldviews contradict each other. I think that they can’t all be right, so some of them must be wrong.

But who gets to decide what is right and what is wrong? Who has the power to decide what is right for everyone? Some would say that no one has the right, yet at the same time are active supporters of enforcing certain rules/laws such as that murder and theft is wrong.

Yet despite most people thinking certain things are wrong they will often find it acceptable to do some things in certain circumstances, saying that the end justifies the means. But is that right? It’s a hard question to answer and one which people can spend their whole lives thinking about. Their thoughts on the issue might change throughout life as they see different parts of the world and experience the changes of life. Or perhaps they’ll stay the same.

Are there aspects of life which are black and white? Yes, I believe that there are. But are there shades of grey? Absolutely! Life would be a lot less complicated if it was all black and white. Instead each of us has to figure out where we stand on these ‘grey’ issues and even two people with virtually the same experiences can come to two different conclusions on the same topic. Will I have a reason for my stance on the ‘grey’ issues? Yes, and it’s important to know why you believe what you believe. But can I force my opinions onto anyone? No I can’t, but I can share my thoughts and maybe challenge someone else’s and be challenged by their’s in return.


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