Sharing Stories


Stories have been told since the dawn of time. It began first as an oral tradition and whilst it still exists as such, also became a written tradition as the ways in which stories could be shared grew. But within each and every person is the desire to be a story teller and the desire to listen to story tellers. We want people to listen as we share the stories of our life, as we unfold to our listeners what has happened in our past. And we love to hear the miraculous things which have happened in other people’s lives.

Yet there is a skill in being able to share these stories, and those who can share them well are praised. It is not always so simple as just writing words on the page, it is the ability to write the words in such a way that people are there. To draw them into your story so that they don’t want to leave but finishing the story before they get bored. I always thought writing was easy. But it’s actually kind of hard. Being a good writer is more about your ability to rewrite than write well the first time. Sharing stories well takes some practise.

And at some stage along the line of history, the stories we shared began to be imagined. Sure, there was a grain of truth to each story but they began to be set in fictional places with fiction people doing fictional things. And still they were consumed because as humans we love stories and will accept them in virtually any way, especially if they are good.

We love to share stories, so have you shared one today? And have you listened to another person’s? All to often I find myself focusing in on sharing my stories and forgetting to listen to the stories of other people. So as incredible as I might think my stories are, I need to take the time to listen to people because their stories are worth just as much as mine.


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