What is Beauty?


What is beauty? When we think of beauty many things come to mind. But who can define beauty? The defintion of human beauty has changed through the ages. What was beautiful centuries ago is now seen as ugly and vice versa. So society’s defintion  of human beauty has changed throughout the ages.

Let’s think about buildings. I was raised with an old-fashioned European sense of beauty in buildings. I love old buildings made of wrought-iron and sandstone. Whereas some people like the straight sleek designs of more modern architecture. And no one can say that either of us is wrong in what we have called beautiful.

I was overseas recently in a country with a different climate than my own and I realised something which I had often found hard to believe. The plants, particularly the grass overseas was a lot  greener than the grass I am used to in my home country. The land and what grows on it is tinged with yellows and greens. It took me a week, but then I realised that what I was familiar with was what I considered to be the more beautiful.

And then there is the character of people which we can’t see. This intangible thing which is meant to be what we as humans strive for and in importance is meant to surpass outward beauty. But once again different values are prized by different people at different times and it changes. So what are we to do?

Beauty is all relative. But it is relative because what is considered beautiful is a construct of a constantly changing society. So what is beauty? As the old saying goes, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Beauty which will please everyone is unattainable, so instead figure out what beautiful means to you because that is what beauty is.


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