Dear Librarians – An Open Letter


Dear Librarians,

Thanks for all the work you do. I’ve probably pestered a few of you in my time with the number of books I have borrowed and the time it has taken to return them. But thank you for putting up with me all these years, even when my books have been overdue.

Thank you for providing me with seemingly limitless access to thousands of books which I could choose to read, opening my eyes to the world around me. You have always provided access to millions of different places, helping all of us bibliophiles, and even a few non-bibliophiles, find a place where we could enjoy ourselves.

Everyone has places where they feel like they belong and for me libraries always seem to be that kind of place. Along with this, they always seem to have someone who will answer my questions or point me in the right direction as I search for answers to my questions.

Thank you for waiting for me to make decisions whenever I’ve come in at strange times. And for making my decisions hard to make. I rarely enter a library where I am faced with a narrow range of books from which to choose, instead I have to choose from a wide range of authors, genres and lengths.

As I finish this letter, I just wanted to say that your work does not go unnoticed by the entire world. I am most grateful for all that you do to ensure that the libraries of the world run smoothly.

Many thanks,

Thought Student


About Thought Student

A lover of learning who blogs about history, life and opinions at
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