That Place You Love


We all have that place don’t we? A spot we love and where we can go and feel at peace. Those places are so lovely to be at, yet they are too often taken for granted. I don’t know how many places in the world I love or how many I think I should spend more time in, but I know that they exist and that I probably should spend a little more time there.

Perhaps it’s not a physical place. It might be an activity that you enjoy and so wherever you do it, it becomes a place that you love. For me one activity is usually reading, but at times there are other things which become a place that I love and one I don’t want to leave.

So why don’t I visit those places? I suppose because it’s all too easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and procrastinate taking a break until I can’t go on. In thinking about the year ahead, I think I need to be more deliberate in finding the places that I love and taking time out of my other activities to visit them.

So what has brought all of this on? Well earlier in the week I went to one of these places. It was wonderful and I’d honestly forgotten how much I loved them. It was wonderful to spend time there even though it was short and I realised that I rarely do things without a purpose. So being there with no purpose was lovely as well. It reminded me that it’s okay to wander aimlessly and just simply enjoy myself in a place that I love.

There will always be places you love whether for the beauty, the people or the activities. It’s worth stopping to enjoy them. You won’t realise how good they are if you never stop.


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