Order and Organisation


Am I an organised person? It depends on  the day. Some days I am organised and neat and tidy and at other times a bomb probably exploded somewhere and if I tidied up a bit, I could find the evidence.

I guess I’m somewhat of a paradox. I can cope with mess in most areas of my life 90% of the time. But the rest of the time I have this urge to tidy up and organise the messiness of my life and keep it neat and straight and tidy.

I think the reason why I try and create order in my life is because it makes me feel like I have the power to control at least part of my life. There are times when it’s okay to feel in control of your life. But at the end of the day you can’t control everything which you will encounter in life, there are some things which are simply too big to be controlled.

One of my goals for this year is to be more organised in my life and reduce my procrastination habit. But as I try to be more organised, I need to remember that it’s not the end of the world if I’m or someone else is, not organised. I don’t know how unexpectedly crazy their life has turned out or if they have completely filled their plate but are still giving 100% to all of their tasks. I’ve definitely handed in so many things too close to deadlines for me to not extend grace to others who do likewise.

Am I going to become the queen of organisation this year? No. Will my life become perfectly ordered over night? No, but that’s okay because sometimes amongst the chaos you can find new things or old things you’ve forgotten about. So try and be organised  if that helps you, but remember that it won’t be the end of the world if you slip up a few times.


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