It’s Hard to Stop


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I’ve written so much about stopping and resting and taking breaks, perhaps because that is what I most need to hear. My life kind of goes through phases. I have times where nothing happens and then times full of absolute craziness. I love when life is a little bit crazy, I enjoy being pushed to my limits, but I find it hard to remember that it’s not healthy for me to never take a break and just constantly be working.

I guess I find it hard to stop for a few reasons. One because I haven’t completed a goal I’ve set for myself and I like the feeling of accomplishment which comes from having achieved that goal. The second is because I don’t like being unproductive and at times feel like I’m wasting time when I’m not working. I know that it’s not necessarily true, resting is not a waste of time as long as you don’t overuse it, but knowing that resting isn’t bad doesn’t always make it easier to stop.

I appreciate what resting does for me. It’s a chance for my brain to relax and for me to do things which at that point in time don’t seem so significant. But like some other things in life, I seem to forget how good things are until I am reminded of how good they are. For me I remember how good rest is when I take the time to stop but during the periods in between breaks, well it’s not always so easy to remember why I love to rest and why I need it so much. Recently I’ve tried to be more intentional in stopping and dedicating time to taking a break because I know how easy it is to never stop.

So perhaps like me, you struggle with the idea of stopping and it’s worth noting that there is nothing wrong with working hard to achieve a goal and not stopping until you reach it. And there’s nothing wrong with resting because that is what you need to do. The problem with these things is when they reach their respective extremes and you are no longer helping yourself. Working out the balance in your life is the hard part and it will look different for everyone, but I think that it’s always worth looking for because you need to work to appreciate rest and you need to rest so you can work.


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