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The news has been filled lately with people being recognised for things that they have done or positions which they have achieved. Yet there seem to be so many great people who were equally worthy of receiving the award and the accolades which went along with it, yet these people are seemingly not recognised for what they have done. I believe that rewarding people for what they have done is not bad, nor is it wrong to do it in a public way. But I don’t believe that awards are the be-all-and-end-all of life. I’m not saying it’s wrong to motivate yourself towards achieving a goal, but I think that receiving an award and the recognition that is associated with it is only temporary. Take for example the leaders of country. The best and the worst are usually remembered but if you ask most people who the leader of their country was one hundred years ago, most people would probably shrug and tell you to look it up if you were so interested.

I think awards exist in society because of a universal desire by individuals to be recognised for what they’ve done and to be inspired by the acts of others. When awards are given out they are given out to people who deserve them but I think that very few awards are deserved by just one person. Most awards could easily have gone to several different people and so that is why I think there is so much controversy as awards are given out. Because at the end of the day, a subjective aspect, however small, plays into the decision and that is when people tend to disagree with the choice that was made.

I’m not against awards and there is something amazing about being recognised for what you have done. But at the same time I could live without receiving another award because I think so many people deserve them more than I do. For me the best kind of award you could give is a private acknowledgement of what I have done but that is just my opinion.


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2 Responses to Awards

  1. codeinfig says:

    “the best kind of award you could give is a private acknowledgement of what I have done but that is just my opinion.”

    thats always nice. of course if people want to do the same in public thats ok too.

    i coded a really neat program for dos once. it was a text pager and shell, mouse and keyboard driven, minimal interface, wiki-like editing. i wrote a programming tutorial and used the program as the platform for the tutorial.

    got a few compliments, but the biggest acknowledgement for me was the guy who translated pages of it into polish. no one even told me (the license allowed it without asking first) but when i found it, i was pleased to say the least. compliments in public or private are nice.


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