Most things in life occur in cycles. Something ends and then something else can begin. This week has been part of the beginning phase of my life. It is part of a bigger phase in my life, but right now, I’m just enjoying the chance for a fresh start and a chance to try to improve the things which I don’t think are working right.

Change is not usually one of my favourite things in life, but for me the prospect of beginnings and all the opportunities associated with them are exciting. But at times the unknowns of beginnings make them scary. You don’t know what’s coming (or you think you know what’s coming) and that can be terrifying for some people. But I think in the end, most changes, when we look back on them with hindsight, have benefited us in some way.

Beginnings are little things, like seeds, but they grow. They might only grow to the size of a bonsai tree or they might grow into a full-sized tree. Beginnings are just where things start. A situation might begin badly and then dramatically improve or it might get worse over time. But beginnings don’t always determine endings and that’s something which is always worth remembering.


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