I’m just going to use the close proximity of Valentine’s Day as an excuse for why I’ve been thinking about relationships. As per most weeks, this post is related to a whole lot of different events in my life that have made me think, but this time round it just works out that I have something very specific to which I can pin all my blame. Just to make it clear, although I have mentioned Valentine’s Day, I am talking about relationships in a much broader sense than the romantic kind.

Most relationships are incredibly complex and hard to define. It’s not something that I could ever hope to explain in my usual length of blog post or something I could do in a year’s worth of blog posts. Perhaps that is because I do not perfectly understand the relationships I have with others or perhaps because each relationship is unique. I cannot think of a single relationship I have that works in exactly the same way between me and another person. Sure, I have some relationships which are similar but the experiences both shared or similar I have with each person changes the way in which we relate. And then we get to relationships with multiple people at the same time, well that’s just even more complicated and I’m trying not to get started on that.

I think as humans we have this desire to be in relationship with other people and even for introverts (yes I am one) we need these relationships with other people. It has taken me a while to learn this and a lot of time to realise that there is a gap in my life when I don’t do relationships. This means I need to actually work at doing them even though it’s hard. I think most of the time we expect relationships to be easy and then when they’re not we don’t know what to do and so we end up with a whole lot of problems.

I don’t think I even came close to discussing what I wanted to about relationships so at some stage in the future I’ll be back with more of my thoughts. But I guess what I’m trying to say is that relationships are good (unless of course they are harmful for you or others, in which case they should cease) and so complex we can’t ever fully understand them. But regardless of how deep your understanding is, they are worth pursuing. Relationships take effort from both sides as people work at doing life together in a way which helps everyone.


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