I think that it is when I am most stressed and take the time to stop that I can see the world in a different way. It’s almost like my mind focuses in on a single object as though it were the most interesting thing in the world and makes me think about it in a new way. Sometimes I think in metaphors of life (and if you’ve been reading here for a while you might have read some of them) or sometimes I notice details (again written about that) but sometimes they just remind me of my life and the things I’ve done.

Today was a memory day. A day when I looked around me and the thing which caught my eye were the clouds in the sky. They weren’t the grey clouds which come before a storm on a darkened sky, but the white clouds on a blue sky that remind me of warm summer days and fun. I don’t think that there was anything special about these clouds, I couldn’t see the shape of a rabbit or words telling me to change my ways, they were just white blobs of fluff which made me smile for no logical reason. Perhaps it was because of the memroies I have associated with them. The hours spent looking upwards staring at water vapour attracted to dust particles which were waiting for gravity to pull them back to earth. The time I spent staring out the window as I flew overseas thinking about how cool clouds looked from up above. But perhpas the reason why they also made me smile is because they seem to be made up of nothing, moving across the sky of their own free will until it’s time for the rain to start.

Clouds make me smile. Do they make you smile too? I’m glad I saw them today because they made me stop and remember the good times.


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