The Rain



I guess the weather knew that I wanted to write about the rain today and so it decided to make it rain just for me.

It’s only really over the past year that I’ve realised how much I love the rain. I don’t know what changed my feelings, but somewhere along the way I fell in love with the rain.

Perhaps it is the sound it makes. There is something relaxing about hearing the patter of rain and perhaps that’s why it makes me happy because I relax. It’s the sound everyone knows, the thud and tap as water falls making a music of its own which we could never replicate.

Or perhaps it is because when it rains I curl up and get warm and often try and read or write (like I’m doing right now). So for me rain has become a time where I am comfortable and do the things I love.

I find that there’s something about rain which makes me act like a little kid. I can stand out in the open getting saturated and for a time that is all the matters, just me being crazy in the rain. Rain gives me a chance to be free and not worry and just have fun doing exactly what I want to do.

So do you like the rain? Does it make you feel happy for a different reason to me? Or is rain just too common for you to love it? Perhaps if I lived somewhere where it rained everyday I’d feel differently but for today I’m going to enjoy the rain.


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3 Responses to The Rain

  1. curiousā€¢pondering says:

    Rain is the best! It makes me sad that we almost never take the time to enjoy the puddles šŸ˜‹

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