Patience and Pointless Things


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I don’t know if it’s because my life is crazy and busy at the moment but I’m discovering that I have limits on how long I can listen to and (attempt to be involved in) conversations about things which I am not interested in and if I’m blatantly honest, things I consider pointless.

There’s something about the way my brain works which means I enjoy and often need stimulation and challenges so I try to use my time for activities which do that. I’ll admit that there are times when I need the conversations which I so often call pointless and I don’t mind the occasional one. I just can’t stand when the entire focus of the conversation seems irrelevant. Of course I can’t really judge. Irrelevance is in the ear of the listener. I’m sure that exactly the same feelings I have described here are what people think of most of the conversations I want to have.

So what do I do so that I’m not antisocial, can socialise with my friends and I actually enjoy the conversations I’m part of? One thing I’ve noticed is that at times deliberately choosing conversations that make me think are necessary to be able to enjoy time with my friends talking about things which I don’t engage with. Another thing that works for me is writing. I’ve come to accept my introvertedness and am content with time spent by myself, so at times having a written conversation with myself helps. But the thing which is most helpful is patience. I need to remember that the conversation won’t last forever and that in the scheme of my life this conversation won’t really take up that much time.

So to any friends who are reading this, I love having conversations with you. But there are times when I have to stop because my brain needs a change. I’ll be back again but just let me stop so I can come back ready to have fun once again.


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