Favourite Times


I don’t know what you are doing around this time of year. Perhaps for some of you it’s a religious or public holiday or maybe nothing happens. This time of year is probably one of my favourite times of year (actually I say that about practically every occasion but that is because I enjoy so many different things for so many different reasons). Why do I like it so much? I guess it’s the same reason why I like any event that I do.

The first reason is because the event means something to me on several different levels. I think that unless something is meaningful to you, you won’t be able to find enjoyment in what you’re doing. I guess for me it comes back to the idea that I don’t like investing my time into things without purpose and the fact that I get enjoyment out of doing things. So when I use my time it’s usually because the event means something to me, so it gets me excited.

We are all products of our pasts, they have helped shape us into who we are today. That is not saying we are defined by them, but what has happened will shape how we relate today. For me this time has not been scarred by my experiences. Instead it has been a time filled with pleasant memories and wonderful activities with family and friends. The memories I have help explain why I like this time so much.

Even as an introvert I recognise that people play a huge part in how much I like an event. Some of my favourite things have happened when there are people around me who I love. This links in with the other two reasons, the people around me mean something to me and so I create pleasant memories which in turn cements my feelings of happiness with the time.

I’ve mainly talked about the big things but I do love the small moments too. Whatever you end up doing over the next few days I hope that there is something in there, whether it is big or small, which you enjoy.


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