Time Passes


I’m slightly paranoid of writing the same sort of ideas within blog posts so when there’s something I want to write, I often have to go back and check that I’m not unintentionally plagiarising my own work. I did a quick check today and realised that I’ve written so much on the topic of time. Perhaps it’s something I think about a lot or perhaps it’s just a fairly common word to use. But today I’m extremely conscious that time goes past. I think that there are times when we are especially conscious of time going by and times where we seem to blink and then realise we’ve missed out on so much.

Time passes even when we move on and I think that it’s easy to forget this. We return to places we once loved only to realise that there is a little bit of the place we loved but it has changed and it’s no longer quite the same place we once knew. We seem to have this snapshot in our minds once we’ve left and when we return, we expect it to be the same as we remember it. But it rarely is. Time has passed for you and it has passed for other people and places as well.

Even when we stay time passes. There are times which I love, which I want to slow down and savour but still time passes at a constant rate. We ourselves change as do the people and places we interact with, but as we see these changes happen before our very eyes it doesn’t seem quite as bad. Time passes and it changes the world whether we realise it or not.

Time will pass until the day time ends and no matter how hard I want it to slow down there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I’m working on accepting that things change in my absence or even whilst I’m there. Time passing is rarely a bad thing, it just creates a different experience and that’s usually a good thing. Time is something beyond our control and if we controlled it I wonder whether we would regret it?


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