Trees (provided they are not of the evergreen variety) are one of the few things in this world which as time passes, undergo constant visible and repeated change. In my backyard there is a tree like the one in the picture. I noticed it the other day and realised it goes through changes every year. The bare boughs of autumn and winter; the flowers which come out each spring; and the green leaves which provide shade to read under in summer. It just made me realise how constant change is in life.

I’m someone who likes limited changes in my way of life. I like there to be an order in the way that things happen and for life to be predictable. In some ways as I have grown up I have become more set in my ways but at the same time I have also begun to realise the fact that change happens and I have to get used to rearranging my life to accomodate it. When I look back I rarely regret change even though I wished it didn’t happen at the time. It’s like that saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. Change to me can often seem like a cloud until the benefit of hindsight comes along and I realise what good it has done.

There are other changes though which are neither good or bad. The tree in my backyard changes and so I like it for different reasons, finding it pretty all year round. Some changes are like this, they just are; neither good or bad, just what has happened. In some ways they can be the ones which are easiest to cope with because they won’t necessarily make that much of a difference but at the same time they can be hard because you can’t complain about problems brought about by change or rejoice in the positives.

I’ve been writing about change a lot this year and I wonder if that is because that is what is happening in my life. I just have to remind myself that change will always be a part of my life, I can’t stop it, so I just have to work with it and hopefully it will change me for the better.


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