I love to have views stretching as far as my eye can see, mainly because they’re pretty but also because they remind me how big the world is. Windows don’t necessarily need to be big to make me remember the world is big, sometimes a glimpse of skies and trees is all I need.

But despite how cool I find it to look out of windows, I don’t do it all that often. I’ve only just realised how far you can see from the windows in front of my desk if you crane your neck in the right direction. I think we often fail to look out because we are so often looking down, focusing on the things in front of us rather than the wide world which is right in front of us if only we took a moment to look up and around. Although perhaps a moment is not always long enough. Sometimes we need longer, the chance to notice the reddish leaves about to fall off tree, the moss on the roof tiles or notice the changing colours of the sky.

What makes me look out windows? Generally it’s either because someone tells me to or I’m being distracted/procrastinating. I don’t think that this is a great habit to be in but I’m glad when I see the views. Not everyone will have nice views out their windows, but there’s usually something about the world which you can notice when you look out, that perhaps you wouldn’t have seen otherwise or maybe you needed a reminder that it existed.

So take a moment, look up from reading this. Go find a window and look out. What can you see? Turn your neck a little, how does the view change? Every window you look at will have a different view and tomorrow when you look out it again, the view won’t be the same. So enjoy today’s view, notice something new and don’t forget that windows are there so you can see the world.


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