Stories of Life, Part 5


I’ve heard it said that we are an average of the 5 people we spend the most time with and whether it is because of the memories we share with other people or because of the impact they have on us, I think that it would be hard to think about what tells our stories without mentioning other people around us.

I tell so many stories, about things that I have done with people because the are perhaps the easiest method of sharing with people who I am. I knew someone who would time how long it took me to mention certain things in conversations with new people because that was something I did as regularly as clockwork. But it’s not just stories of my life I share, it’s the stories of my enemies, my friends and even total strangers. I tell stories I think as a way of me trying to understand my life and also to impart some of the things I’ve learnt over time to other people.

But the people around me also can explain who I am. I’ve caught phrases come out of my mouth and think “that’s something _________ would say” so I feel as though I’ve taken a little bit of who they are. It’s not just words, it’s actions, hobbies and things that I’ve done which have been influenced by others. In fact probably about half of what I do has been influenced by the people around me.

I don’t know who would tell my story best,  but I know that different people would tell different parts of it. And I would do the same. I know that as well as telling them, I am made up of the stories of other people’s lives, so intertwined that at times it is impossible to say who I am made up of.

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