Fence Sitting


Some days I have opinions that I will refuse to back down from. But there are other days when I find that I don’t really seem to have a hard and fast opinion on various issues and I find myself sitting on a metaphorical fence. There isn’t necessarily a reason for why I do or don’t have an opinion on an issue, but I do want to think about some of the reasons why this might be the case, at least for me even if not for you.

Why do I sit on a fence? I think it’s because generally speaking I like to hear both sides of the argument before I pick my side. I don’t want to make decisions until I hear the reasons behind what each side is arguing and why it is the better choice. I find it easy to understand both sides of an argument because I can usually get where both parties are coming from. So I get stuck in the middle because I see two perfectly reasonable arguments leading to conflicting conclusions which I can’t always choose between.

Even though it can take me a while to form opinions, carefully listening to both sides of the argument and at times fluctuating between sides before I settle on an opinion,  once I have formed my opinions it can be hard for me to change them. Of course some will change more easily (like my favourite book) but most are fairly permanent.

Whilst I think it’s important that we have opinions on issues and that we know why we have them, I still think the ability to ‘sit on a fence’ is a useful one. But regardless of whether you have a steadfast opinion or not, you should still take the time to listen to other people and whatever they have to say even if you don’t agree with their opinion.


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