Count the Stars

Have you ever tried to count the stars? I’ve tried to do it once or twice and even though I can’t see that many, I lose track too easily. The world is too big for me to ever fully understand it or to see all there is to see.

It’s not normally my choice to be in a position where I feel small but then who amongst us really likes to? But compared to the stars, that is what we are in our universe. Tiny, little creatures who’ve somehow managed to achieve relative greatness. But because the night sky is so big and the stars are so many I’m okay that in the grand scheme of things I might not be significant.

Realising my insignificance changes my perspective on the world around me. I notice the little things. The birds which fly past racing each other. One flying under the balcony, the other over it, a moment which no one else saw but me and it made me smile.

Next time you’re outside at night, why don’t you take a moment and look up at the sky? You don’t have to be looking for anything in particular, just the twinkling brightness of far away light. It’s a pretty incredible thing that we can see the light from so far away. Go count the stars and remember that you are small but small things can still bring happiness to people.


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