Places We’d Rather Be

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We all have places we’d rather be. Things we’d rather be doing. Sights we’d rather be seeing. This is true whether it comes from dissatisfaction with our current situation or excitement for the future. Whilst I’d generally describe myself as content in my present situation, I’m not immune to this desire to be somewhere else.

Perhaps it is a form of procrastination. My mind wants to avoid the task at hand, so it takes me away to a place I want to go to. The problem appears to be solved as I focus on something more pleasant than the work I’m meant to be doing.

At times it comes from an excitement for the future which makes you question the relevance of the task at hand. Why bother tidying the house when I’ll be away next week? The possibility ahead makes the present seem mundane.

Perhaps it comes from the memories of the past and a desire to relive them. We think back to the fun we had and wish we could go back there. Too often though we forgot that life was not perfect in the past but because we perceive its perfection, we desire to return to it.

At times though, the reality is that where you are is horrible and it’s not a place where anyone should be. And it’s okay to dream of something better and to actually go and find it. But for many people, this is not the case and where they are really isn’t too bad.

We all have places we’d rather be, some we will get to one day whilst others will remain in our imaginations. There is a time for thinking or going to that place you’d rather be, but there’s also a time for contentment and satisfaction in the place where you are.


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