The Power of Words


“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” How often have we heard these words said? Whether they were said as an encouragement not to worry about what people say or are said before an explanation that the opposite us true, these words have probably been said to you at some stage of your life. And to some extent, both responses are true. Words might not have the power to physically hurt us, but they do have the power to have other sorts of impact on our lives.

Everyone I think has experienced the power of words. Whether they’ve experienced them through the power of stories which created an image in their head which was impossible to destroy. Or the words which gave them courage or destroyed it. That is something I think we should all recognise. Words have the power to be used both for help and harm.

It is not a single word which does this though. The power of words comes from weaving them together, combining a series of words to create new meaning. Sometimes these words flow easily and at other times it’s a struggle to get more than a single word out at a time. There is a great skill, which comes usually through practise, in using words effectively. However regardless of the skill employed in their creation, words will always have some power.

Whether you are conscious of how you use words or not, they can still have power over other people. Like all things, the power words have can be used both for good and evil. As you use words in everyday life it is worth remembering their power and occasionally taking the time to consider how you use them. It is easy to not think about the power of words but these seemingly little things are incredibly powerful.


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