Behind the Camera


We rarely see the whole picture do we? What we are given is usually the perfect image, not the other one hundred it took to get it. We do not see the struggles of the photographer balancing on one foot with the camera pointed at the ground, the camera held absolutely still, trying to get that perfect shot. The world looks very different from behind a camera.

Some people love being behind the camera. It gives them a chance to see the world from a new angle. To see what really happens. Or perhaps they choose to be behind the camera because they love the process, the creative side of taking that perfect picture. I’ve seen the work of some pretty talented photographers who love what they do and create beautiful pictures. I love seeing what is in front of the camera.

But have you ever thought what takes place behind the camera? All those unseen moments for that perfect picture? I’ve tried being the photographer and as I did so, I realised all the effort which goes into that one photo which goes out into the world. The world didn’t see every take, the time we ran to find the perfect lighting. And perhaps they don’t need to. But at times it is worth remembering that you don’t see everything. That the photo you see probably took three tries to get right.

Regardless of what you see there is a story of what took place behind the camera. A story which is often better than the photo itself or one which will make you think about the photo in a new way. Whilst there is a time to appreciate the beauty of a photo, there are times where it’s good to remember what has taken place behind the camera because that’s where all the hard work, and the full story really is.


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