The Moon


Before telescopes came into common use, the moon was thought to be perfect, without blemish. But through closer examination with a telescope, it was discovered that the moon was not perfectly spherical rather it was covered with craters and mountains. Until they looked closely, it was impossible to see the imperfections. And it’s like that with life. From a distance perfection is seen and only when you get closer you can see the flaws.

I suppose in society, perfection is seen as the ultimate goal but we can never actually reach it. Instead when we try, we spend our entire lives chasing after something which at the end of the day is unattainable. But it seems to be attainable because at times perfection is all we are exposed to. We see pictures from a distance, filtered to make the subject more attractive. We only see what people are willing to see and it takes courage to share your flaws with the world. So we get stuck with only seeing perfection. Unless we look closer, have a bigger lens at times it can be hard to see more than perfection.

There is this idea in society, I think, that imperfections mark you, they define you, mean that you can never be complete. But is the moon any less beautiful because of its flaws? Do its craters impair its abilities to create tides? Just because our flaws are used to describe us, it does not mean that they must define us. Our imperfections exist and can be acknowledged but we are so much more than just them.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are probably searching for perfection, comparing yourself to those who seem to have it all together. From a distance their lives seem perfect as the moon once did to mankind. But like on the moon, imperfections exist with people, you’ll never see the marks in perfection unless you look a little closer.


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