Educate Me

This page is for people who want to learn more about the world around them. It may include ‘boring’ things like you would learn at school, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

Here are the links to my “Educate Me” posts along with a brief description.



Chartism – An Introduction This blog post is a brief overview of Chartism.

Chartism – Full Suffrage This blog post looks at an aim of the Chartists.

Nationalism This blog post looks at a second ‘ism’, Nationalism which is the belief that groups of people who share a particular attribute should belong to the same nation.


World Wars

World Wars This is a brief overview to both the World Wars, the major powers in each war and a few of the causes.

Causes of the First World War

The Battle of Fromelles The post records some basic information about the Battle of Fromelles one of the first battles which Australian troops fought on the Western Front.


The French Revolution

These posts on the French Revolution each examine a separate cause attributed to the start of the French Revolution.

The French Revolution and The Enlightenment

The French Revolution and The Glorious Revolution

The French Revolution and The Ancien Regime

The French Revolution and The French Financial Crisis

The French Revolution and The Storming of the Bastille


The Tudors

The Tudors and the English Throne In this post I have briefly looked at how the Tudors received the English throne.

Henry VIII’s Wives In this post I have detailed Henry VIII’s wives, who they were, why they married him and what happened to them.

Henry VIII and the English Reformation In this post Henry VIII and his role in the English Reformation is discussed.


The Natural World

Although the key feature of Waves is not really educational, the post does mention how waves are formed.



I blog regularly on topics which fall under the category of “Educate Me” however I do not always get around to posting the links to each post on this page. If you’ve read all the posts here and think I may have written more, try clicking here as I do try and place the posts in the category “Eduate Me” before I link to them on this page.


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